Red Pie Consulting

Legal Consultancy in Hospitality and Arts

Red Pie is a legal business management consultancy providing specialist services to the Hospitality and Leisure and Arts sectors.

We partner with clients to identify key areas of competitive advantage in their legal business affairs, work with them to address their critical legal challenges and help secure lasting results. We are UK based but work with a range of international clients on their domestic and international commercial activities. Our advice and representation is discrete, pragmatic and effective.

Legal risk is a key issue in both the heavily regulated Hospitality sector and the unregulated Arts sector.

Identifying legal risks and opportunities is fundamental to transactional and operational success and to profitable dispute resolution. Clients who understand how better to exploit, address, organise and manage their legal issues stand the best chance of prospering in today’s competitive climate.

Why work with Red Pie?

We have the ability and experience to work closely with clients in the Hospitality and Arts sectors, to identify their legal risks, tailor their legal strategies and help execute their projects to deliver better, more efficient, innovative and cost effective results. Improved control over legal issues allows our clients to seize new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls, including costly litigation. Where disputes cannot be avoided, we are skilled in alternative approaches to resolution, working with utmost discretion.

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Hospitality & Leisure

What We Do

We provide legal consultancy across the full range of issues faced by the modern Hospitality and Leisure business. Whether you're a startup needing advice on the best structure to establish your business, or an operator across multiple sites looking for a fresh approach to execution of a specific project, we have the skills to add value.

Red Pie provides discrete advice and execution for:

  • Legal strategy reviews and projects
  • Mitigation of legal risk
  • Business and project structuring
  • Negotiation and drafting of contractual terms
  • Legal project planning and management
  • Brand and IP protection and exploitation
  • Legal compliance
  • Legal policies and procedures
  • Legal efficiency reviews and infrastructure
  • Strategy for control of legal costs
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Corporate governance
  • Who We Are

    Peter Moody

    Peter is the Principal of Red Pie Consulting.

    Having spent much of the last 25 years advising businesses in the Hospitality and Leisure sector in his capacity as a senior partner in law firms, Peter is well placed to provide legal business consultancy to clients via Red Pie, distinct from his role as a Senior Consultant with Royds Withy King LLP in London.

    Peter understands how Hospitality and Leisure businesses operate, the regulation and risks they face and how they can best mitigate legal risk and take advantage of efficient and effective legal and business strategies. In addition to his commercial acumen, he has particular experience in working with innovative businesses and in the protection and exploitation of intellectual property and branding, an area of increasing importance for the sector. He is also a qualified mediator and recognised expert in the field of preparation for mediation.

    Peter is Past Chair of the Suppliers Committee of the British Hospitality Association, a past committee member of the Leisure Property Forum, a founder member of The Leisure Club and a panel mediator for both the International Trademark Association and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

    Peter’s Biography.

    For more information contact Peter on +44 7880 501867 or at

    Richard Stader

    Richard is a Principal Consultant for Red Pie Consulting.

    Richard has over 20 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, both in private practice and as head of legal in-house in Jersey, as well as in-house in London. He has recently completed an MSc in Organisational Behaviour, furthering his skills in change management, leadership and performance management.

    In his career, including as a partner in London law firms, Richard has advised numerous leisure businesses, with an emphasis on commercial and risk management related disputes, as well as dealing with significant regulatory scrutiny and compliance issues and focusing on legal project management. As head of legal for a well known Jersey fiduciary and financial services business he was responsible for a team of up to eight lawyers dealing with a wide range of commercial processes and high value, highly complex fiduciary and corporate issues.

    In consultancy, Richard’s expertise is as an effective legal risk identifier and manager and as a legal project manager capable of dealing both with strategic leadership and technical legal input.

    For more information contact Richard on +44 7876 031056 or at

    Arts Division

    What We Do

    We provide legal consultancy across a range of issues faced by those operating in the Arts market; artists, galleries, collectors, heritage organisations and funders. We offer discrete services and advice, including risk management, and have a strong track record in resolving complex disputes without publicity or public exposure. We have the skills and experience to support clients in their legal needs and enhance their position.

    Red Pie works on:

  • Agency and Agents Agreements
  • Business and Project Structuring
  • Contractual Arrangements
  • Mitigation of legal risk
  • Title, provenance and attribution
  • Art Commissions
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Legal compliance
  • Sales, purchases, loans and consignments
  • Funding and insurance
  • Who We Are

    Peter Moody

    Peter is the Principal of Red Pie Consulting.

    Since his first successful mediation between an artist and his agent in1986, Peter has been representing clients in the Arts market.

    He has advised on a wide range of commercial issues and projects, including significant disputes for domestic and international clients. The ability to work with absolute discretion has been a fundamental part of Peter’s work in the sector.

    Peter has particular experience in the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, an area of significant importance for the sector. He is also a qualified mediator and recognised expert in the field of preparation for mediation.

    Peter is a panel mediator for the World Intellectual Property Organisation and has lectured internationally on intellectual property issues in cultural heritage and the arts market.

    Peter’s Biography.

    For more information contact Peter on +44 7880 501867 or at

    Gail Carrodus

    Gail is an experienced Barrister, qualified to act on a direct access basis, and works as a consultant for Red Pie.

    Gail’s practice has been focused on acting for high net worth individuals and families, dealing with a range of commercial and discreet issues. After being called to the Bar, she spent many years in the chambers of George Carmen QC before establishing her own law practice, Huntercombe Chambers.

    Clients benefit from Gail’s recognised ability to deal effectively with complex financial and family trust matters. She is a highly skilled negotiator and an accredited mediator and arbitrator.

    For more information contact Gail on +44 7747 025637 or at

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